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Customer Benefits

I. Biological Methanation

Our process is highly flexible and it creates value in automotive industriy, electricity storage, gas processing but also on community level and in chemical industry.

1. Biological methane as intermediate for value creation based on biogenic, renewabe carbon dioxide

Our process provides the ideal technology platform for CO2 based high value products.

2. CO2 based biological fuel

and therefore contribution to carbon neutral mobility. Direct, biological fuel preparation from CO2 is a true novelty.

3. Direct upgrading of biogas to natural gas

without biogas separation into its constituents CO2 and methane while reducing the sulfur content. Sulfur removal is a necessity in case of analogous chemical upgrading steps because of sulfur sensitivity/ instant poison effects on chemical catalysts.

4. Electricity storage as methane (natural gas)

to regenerate electricity / grid stabilization
This is of particular interest for power in MWh/TWh range. The process therefore complements other power storage technologies such as batteries and hydro. Large power volumes usually cannot be stored in a stable form without energy losses over time.

5. Energy Autonomy

by integrating renewable electricity with heat and fuels. There are numerous projects on a local level producing heat and electricity. Usually, fuels are the missing link for complete energy autonomy. Our concept could be expanded from a local to a national level (“many local sites”). At the same time our energy storage concept could be transferred to an individual, personal level to provide private persons and smaller groups energy autonomy.

6. Upgrading of process gases from chemical industry

Hydrogen and CO2 are inevitable byproducts in numerous chemical production processes. Methanation allows the preparation of fuels or chemical building blocks. In case methane is used for energy purpose, our process would contribute to energy efficiency while utilizing CO2 according to “CCU” (carbon capture and utilization). In case methane is used as a chemical building block, this would be a pioneering application in chemical industry which usually relies on fossil based hydrocarbons.

Gas Purification

Apart from biologic methanation, Krajete GmbH also offers valuable know-how in gas upgrading and gas purification.
This is mainly related to gas purification of CO2 and H2 based raw materials prior to methanation, but also to methane purification. Our gas purification know-how enables real process gas utilization, and it helps reach methane product gas purities to comply with different standards depending on the type of application (fuel in CNG cars/buses, heat/power in combiner heat power units, heat boiler).

Gas purification relies on internal and external testing facilities. There is extensive know-how in the selection of most appropriate adsorber materials to remove “poisons” such as water, CO2, H2S, NO, NO2 and other largely polar molecules but also volatile organic components.
We develop tailored concepts for gas purification based on know-how and experimental results which creates evidence, comfort and transparency while reducing the risk of implementation.