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Feasibility and Engineering

Krajete GmbH offers a broad range of services for feasibility studies and engineering, all of them in methanogenesis:

a) Feasibility (technical, economic assessment)

  • Study of CO2 based real process gases in methanogenesis to determine process performance and upscaling parameters
  • Direct feed gas sampling at customer`s production site
  • Customer oriented economic analysis of biological methanation (methanogenesis) within customer`s process boundaries based on a proprietary model
  • Evaluation of gas purification using adsorption

b) Concept Engineering

  • Optimised  to customer`s needs
  • Full integrated process from real process feed, possible upstream purification down to methane as product gas incl. downstream processing (gas purification, compression when needed)

c) Basic Engineering

  • Process upscaling as basis for plant manufacturer (usually also carries out detail engineering)
  • Upstream and downstream
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Definition of operating conditions
  • Definition of key process components, automation, analytics