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Industrial Gas Sampling

We sample and deliver industrial process gases, and we take care of the entire logistics
of transportation starting from the sampling port down to the gas delivery to our customers.



Process Development usually starts in small scale and proceeds – if promising – via Pilot Stage to Full Scale.
Cost usually increases significantly as reactor volumes increase.

Hence many companies follow the strategy of exploiting maximum information already in smaller scale like “Benchscale” / “Lab Scale”. Borders between “Benchscale” and “Lab Scale” are not clearly defined. Both belong to “Small Scale” and they are not field applications but rather in a closed, sheltered environment.

“Small Scale” is always cheaper in hardware acquisition and operation but usually equipped with less sophistication, no acces to INDUSTRIAL GAS FEED while process conditions like pressure, temperature, chemistry are kept similar to bigger scaled applications.

Smart companies equip small scale reactor with a higher degree of technical sophistication and flexibility in order to extract maximum amount to relevant information for upscaling steps.

What is most of the time missing is access to real, INDUSTRIAL FEED in presence of all impurities which cannot be mimicked with synthetic gas mixtures.

This is exactly where we offer A UNIQUE SERVICE based on UNIQUE COMPETENCE we have build over the last years.

Our Offer – Your Solution

From automotive exhaust gases directly from the engine, via raw biogas, purified biogas and insustrial CO2 we have sampled all possible REAL GASES up to 10 000 NL in 50 NL gas bottles. 

Your Advantage

Our sampling procedure gives access to gas quantities which allow SMALL SCALE PROCESS DEVELOPMENT based on INDUSTRIAL GAS rather than using PURE GAS and SYNTHETIC MIXTURES which represent an “ideal case” rarely observed in reality.

By using our service, You get the unique opportunity to move from BAG SAMPLING (in few NL scale) to several thousand NL of gas stored in metal gas cylinders at pressures up to 100 bars which allows steady operation of YOUR small scale equipment – depending on the flow rate - for usually several weeks.

Your advantage


if you could develop an attractive industrial process using small scale equipment which usually costs 1/10 of a Pilot Facility !

if you could determine in an early stage the potential of Your process rather than going the PAINFUL route via Pilot Plants which are at least in the range of several hundred thousand EUR and most of the time even several million EURs !

if you could move process related info to the next stage and accelerate Process Development by several years which allows EARLIER MARKET ENTRANCE and PROCESS MATURITY / READINESS !

if you could licence your technology portfolio several years earlier!

if you could shorten the DEVELOPMENT TIME!

You would save

a) investment cost
b) operating cost and
c) gain faster revenue from Your Technology Commercialization!


All that is possible if you employ REAL INDUSTRIAL FEED in an EARLY STAGE rather than generating data of little use because they are not obtained under REAL GAS CONDITIONS!


We sample and deliver INDUSTRIAL REAL GAS to You !