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CO2 and Archaea

It has been 4 billion years since Nature created specialists for quick and efficient conversion of CO2 in large quantities. Those survivors of evolution are called “Archaea” and they belong to the “Third Life Domain”. Direct conversion of CO2 into fuel qualifies the archaic metabolism of methanogenesis to an own category of 4th Generation Biofuels. 

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Biological Power Storage

We live in a time of change, and we are on a transition path to a renewable energy economy. While production of renewable electricity is fairly developed, storage technologies are lagging behind. Archaea microorganisms have the potential to store large amount of electricity as methane in a mild and selective manner.

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Twofold Benefit

Storing electricity while utilizing carbon dioxide under mild and energy efficient conditions makes Biological Power Storage very attractive for a variety of industries with new, emerging applications.

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25.07.2016, Job description PhD position

Krajete GmbH opens a new engineer/scientist position

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November 11, 2015, Presentation on Biological Methanation at “Otti Forum” in Regensburg, Germany

November 11, 2015; invited talk of A. Krajete on the topic of new development in biological...

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Dr. Alexander Krajete

Founder & CEO of "Krajete GmbH"

Archaea on duty for
Biological Power Storage and CO2 Utilization