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Using NI, Nature’s Intelligence, we optimize gas emissions. Whatever your problem, nature provides a solution. And we at Krajete know how to read in nature’s library. We know how to optimize its mechanisms for the benefit of your staff, equipment and processes. 

In a first step of our all-inclusive services, we identify together with our clients any noxious, toxic, harmful or otherwise unwanted gas components. Based on what we learned from nature and developed for industrial settings, small components will then be removed in a second step. Following – or in alternative to – this, big components will be extracted in a final step.

All removed components are then transformed into valuable products and/or re-used in our client’s processes. Providing our customers with a financial, ecological and ethical return on investment.

Steps for businesses to save money & protect the environment

You are a manufacturing industry, or your production process involves releasing polluting gases into the atmosphere ?

Step 1 

Understand the composition of your emissions
We sample your emission gas at the source and analyse its composition.
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Step 2 

Removal of “small” components (NOx, CO, HC, H2S, etc.)
We use our advanced adsorbtion technology to remove and collect small components. The components are subsequently released, and can then be transformed and reused in your production process.
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Step 3 

Removal of “big” components (CO2)
We use our advanced adsorbtion technology to remove and collect CO2 from your gas emissions. The CO2 is subsequently released and transformed or reused in your production process.
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Our Role as

Krajete supports customer projects from pilot to industrial scale.

Depending on the needs and possibilities of our customers we either work with our partner companies or with the partners network of our customers.
We develop concepts inspired by nature all the way to basic engineering.
Furthermore, we accompany our customers and their partners with consulting through detail engineering and construction of full scale solutions.
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