Gas purification

At Krajete, we chose to focus on adsorptive gas purification methodologies, because they allow selective and reversible removal of specific compounds.

We offer consulting support for selecting the best solution available for our customers, we conduct feasibility studies, analyse the results and optimize the process where necessary.
Depending on your needs, we screen and combine a broad range of adsorber materials such as zeolites, alumina or silica. 

Following those steps, we implement the solution in your production line and you can start drastically reducing your emissions.
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Our expertise in gas purification : 

Gas purification is the process of removing harmful contaminants from gases that are emitted into the environment. This is important because these pollutants can not only harm human health and the environment but also put a burden on a business's operativity and production processes.

For businesses that emit polluting gases, gas purification can bring several benefits.

  • Help them comply with environmental regulations and avoid fines or legal action.
  • Improve the air quality in the surrounding community, which can lead to better health outcomes and a better reputation for the business.
  • Help them to improve their sustainability by reducing their environmental impact and promoting a cleaner environment for future generations.

Overall, gas purification is a wise investment for businesses that want to operate responsibly, protect the environment, and avoid unnecessary costs linked to polluting emissions.

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