Feasibility and Engineering

For gas revalorization, Krajete offers a broad range of services from feasibility  studies to engineering support and technology deployment. These include:


Studying the compatibility of YOUR emission gasses with  relevant  purification and revalorization approaches.

Feasibility studies are the entry points to evaluate the techno-economic benefits of implementing an innovative process in your business according to your needs.
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Concept Engineering

Based on the feasibility studies, we provide concept engineering and tailored technology packages for implementing purification or revalorization solutions that fit your business goals.

This will serve as the basis to proceed with detailed engineering, upscaling and final implementation.

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Basic Engineering

When the concept engineering is validated, we then move to the basic engineering required for the technology development and deployment. The main focus of our basic engineering service will encompass (but not limited to) the following aspects:

  • Process upscaling as the basis for the plant manufacturer
  • Upstream and downstream integration
  • Mass and energy balances
  • Definition of operating conditions
  • Definition of key process components, automation and PATs (process analytical technologies)
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