We pride ourselves on our expertise and core competencies in the field of gas emissions revalorisation. We are at the forefront of the industry in developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies to reduce gas emissions and promote a more sustainable future. 

Our team of experts brings together diverse backgrounds and experience in the fields of engineering, chemistry and business, allowing us to approach challenges from a variety of perspectives and develop unique solutions tailored to each client's needs. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality service and delivering results that exceed their expectations.
Gas Purification
The process of removing unwanted compounds from gases that are emitted into the environment
Our core process, exploiting the power of archaea, to convert CO2 emissions into methane
Patent Licensing
We grant licenses for our technologies not only to our customers directly but also to companies involved in engineering or manufacturing
Feasibility and Engineering
Our range of services from feasibility studies to engineering support and technology deployment