Photo Gallery

A visual journey into the core of our operations. We showcase innovative prototypes and the transformative impact of our solutions at client`s installations.

These images not only highlight our technical acumen but also provide a glimpse of dedication, precision and passion that go into every detail of our work.

We invite you to get inspired and witness how we are shaping the future of emission capture and valorisation.

Nox Mobile Test Unit

A mobile and flexible pilot (“baby”) unit that we can connect swiftly to your exhaust gas. Loaned on a weekly or monthly basis, it is an exclusive way to assess our emissions control technologies and gather data for your unique revalorisation protocol whilst remaining economically sustainable for your business.
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CO2 DAC plant for Audi

A Direct Air Capture plant developed in cooperation with Audi with a CO2 capture volume of a 1000 tons / year. The technology allows CO2 removal directly from air, regardless of location. In addition, captured CO2 can subsequently be reused and transformed in valuable products.
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