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Krajete GmbH is the leading provider of gas technologies on behalf of nature. We sample, separate and valorise gas components and create immediate added-value for our customers.

Krajete learned and keeps learning from nature in our journey towards a sustainable circular economy.

At Krajete we understand that over the course of billions of years, nature evolved and adapted to find solutions that can be harnessed by today’s industries.

By observing nature and exploiting its toolbox we are here to enable your business's transition to a much more sustainable approach to industry and manufacturing

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Our vision
On behalf of nature, we develop sustainable solutions for industrial challenges in the areas of gas purification, conversion, production, transport and use...
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Get inspired through a visual journey and witness how we are shaping the future of emission capture and valorisation.
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Our solutions are built around our two core areas of focus : Advanced adsorption and biological methanation...
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The team
Our revolutionary technologies are fuelled by the competences and knowledge of our staff. Great minds think alike and deliver outstanding solutions for our customers...
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Our R&D department keeps being busy with innovations. We always conduct proper due diligence and have our publications peer-reviewed by the scientific community...
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R&D and pilot facilities
All about our state-of-the-art labs in Pasching and Pressbaum, Austria. From R&D to in-house facilities, we bring the solutions to your gas problems...

Our history 

Milestones on Krajete’s path to innovation leadership in the gas industry :
Engineering, construction and start-up of a commercial methanogenesis plant for the production of synthetic diamonds (UK)
Commercialization of an innovative adsorber technology for NOx removal at industrial scale
Developing CO2-Capture directly at emission source
Engineering, construction and operation of a NOx capturing facility in an urban area, for Audi

Gas purification platform for wide treatment of small/large emission gases and air.
Successful participation in 2 EU funded projects, Celbicon (www.celbicon.org) and Engicoin (www.engicoin.eu) using biochemical core competence for methanogenesis but also acetone production.

New facilities for integrated process development established west of Vienna. Here we focus on the development of closed Carbon and Nitrogen cycles
Developing NOx capture (Various patents)
Krajete Process licenses to first 2 customers. 
Krajete GmbH becomes a viable partner in 2 substantial projects on EU (“Celbicon”, Horizon 2020 call) and national (“BioHyMe”) level. Strong focus on process expansion beyond methanogenesis (e.g. gas purification up-/downstream).Gas Purification beyond CO2 to NO and NO2 removal.
Expansion to other Carbon and Hydrogen sources from gasification and pyrolysis with the intention to save electrolyser and electricity costs. Exhaust gas purification established with industrial CO2 sources in laboratory. Focus on solid adsorbers.
Developing CO2 capture for automotive industry
Further process improvement to reduce operating cost. Exhaust gas purification established in laboratory scale with the intention to enrich CO2.
Krajete GmbH becomes a pioneer in process development of methanogenesis and high pressure biotech
Limited Liability Company formation and further process development with industrial gases. Key arguments from 2007 verified. The process unveils its full potential through robustness, adaptation, conversion and simplicity.
A third grant by Austrian „FFG“ awarded. Individual enterprise established. First customers onboarded
Process development for harnessing the power of ancient microbes for the production of methane (Power-to-Gas-Principle) Selection of a robust microorganism. Process development with pure gases in 10 L scale.
First grant by Upper Austrian start-up incubator "tech2b" followed by a second grant by "AWS" preseed funding. Start of process development at Technical University of Vienna in 1 L scale.
Inspiration to develop a biological process for CO2 utilization. Motivation is derived “from waste to energy”. The process should have the potential to process CO2 in kiloton scale and beyond.
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