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Nox emissions
Understanding NOx Emissions

On the origin of NOx emissions and their importance in the environmental context :  In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, […]

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Successful test of adsorber technology in the netherlands

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Presentation at CO2 Cooling Earth Meeting in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Arne Seifert and Sebastien Bernacchi present innovative approaches for biochemical conversions of CO2 to methane and acetone within EU projects […]

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Our newly established facilities are designed for handling of reactive and inert gases under high pressure.The ultimate aim is to miniaturize […]

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Job description PhD position

Krajete GmbH opens a new engineer/scientist position. For more information please click here

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Presentation on Biological Methanation at “Otti Forum” in Regensburg, Germany

November 11, 2015; invited talk of A. Krajete on the topic of new development in biological methanation.

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Presentation at Energy Days of the Green Party in Bavaria

invited talk of A. Krajete at Energy Days of the Green Party in Bavaria on the topic "Natural Gas Production […]

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New Service – Industrial Gas Sampling

Do you need real gas for accelerated process development ? We expand our service portfolio with “Industrial Gas Sampling”. 

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Krajete GmbH at NGV

Krajete GmbH at NGV`s Annual Conference in Brussels

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New Company Profile

A new & sharpened Company Profile to be downloaded here: Company Profile as PDF »

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