Removal of “Big” Components (CO2)

Krajete's advanced capture and separation technologies can be adapted to any kind of industrial process. Even better, they are fully scalable.

And it is at this stage that our “on behalf of Nature” principle comes to full bloom. Nothing in Nature is waste - and nothing separated by Krajete is waste. The advanced separation technology allows for full recovery of any collected compound. This allows for affordable valorisation process that Krajete offers to develop and design together with our customers.

Because we don’t see emissions as waste, but value, we provide our customers with savings on energy costs and additional value from circular transformation of problematic emissions into worthy products.
Start turning your CO2 emissions into value

Examples of applications at industrial level 

The contribution of carbon dioxide to the greenhouse effect is an important aspect of climate change, and CO2 emissions have an important impact on businesses operational costs as well as their environmental and social image.

This is why, we offer various innovative solutions to capture your CO2 emissions and transform them into reusable components.
As a result, on top of helping reduce CO2 environmental impacts, these solutions bring you additional revenue streams or scale economies.

Overall, industries have an important role to play in helping to reduce CO2 emissions and to limit the effects of the greenhouse effect. By adopting our solutions, they can make a significant difference to the environment as well as gaining a competitive edge.

Benefits  of our solutions for business

  • We enable you to comply with emission regulations that might impact your business core activity.
  • We uncover for you new streams of revenue by identifying the value of your problematic emissions
  • We facilitate your business with obtaining “green” certificates and labels.
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