Core tech team

Our team is a unique blend of transdisciplinary competences, working towards the same goals. Meet them here below !
Dr. Alexander Krajete
With a PhD in Chemistry and an academic career at the University of California, Berkeley as well as 20 years in (bio-)chemical and processing industry, Alexander is the founder and CEO of Krajete GmbH. His passion for looking beyond test tubes and “tested & approved” processes lead him early on to discover principles in nature that solve man-made problems. He thrives on challenges posed by industrial processes that can be solved with nature’s intelligence.
Dr. Arne Seifert
Arne is our Director of Engineering. He is a technical chemist with a PhD in biochemical engineering and many years of practical experience in research and industry. Developing, upscaling and optimizing (bio)processes, bridging customer requirements and sustainability goals, is his daily business.
Dr. Sebastien Bernacchi
Sebastien is our Director of Technology and a Chemical Engineer from EPFL, specialized in biotechnologies with a PhD delivered from the Vienna University of technology (TU-Wien). He joined Krajete GmbH from the very first start of the company. Along with an academic background in chemical engineering and biotechnology, and an expertise in global finance and industrial production, Sebastien has the ability to foresee the development needs of process technologies interfacing chemistry and biology. His visionary approaches allow him to implement top notch science and engineering under the constraints of economic reality. Proper prioritization is for him an essential skill and he likes to look at each problem with a fresh perspective.