Our vision

Over billions of years nature used gases as a source for life, without discriminating between valuable and harmful ones. In nature, even greenhouse gases are fuel for life, as every molecule is valuable. 

At Krajete we work on behalf of nature : We learn from its principles and respect its values. Together with our customers we want to give back to nature some of the benefits it provides us.

We build bridges between the necessities of our industrial partners and the wisdom of nature. We translate its knowledge for engineers, technicians, specialists and experts.  Our aim is to enable them to jointly develop sustainable solutions for industrial challenges in the areas of gas purification, conversion, production, transport and use.

Note of our founder 

"Nature is our most important stakeholder. Nature is the only long-term stakeholder. Whatever we do, needs a virtual stamp “approved by Nature”. It is not only about the carbon cycle. We need to look into cycles of macroelements, close them and put cycles into relation with each other, so called Multi Circular Economy. Carbon capture is not sufficient. We need total emission capture. The vision is to turn offgases into spring clean air. Eventually, pollutants and nasty ingredients of combustion will turn into valuable resources if we target atmosphere as a resource and stop considering it as a garbage hall. Why do we appreciate soil and water while neglecting air and its purity as perhaps the most important ingredient of life ?"

Dr. Alexander Krajete - Founder, CEO
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