Gas Sampling & Analysis

No gas situation is the same. Collecting and analyzing representative samples needs tailor-made solutions. Based on our extended experience and what we learned from nature, we offer for every customer situation a matching solution. Whilst always bespoke, we base our sampling approach on two established technologies. 
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Sampling in a balloon

The ideal way of sampling gas without condensation caused by compression. Provides an optimal basis for analyzing the composition of the real gas.

Compressed sampling

When bigger gas volumes are required, be it for additional analysis or process development, the collection of compressed gas samples in bottles is often the best solution.


For the best outcome of the analysis of emission gases we recommend combining both methods.

Detailed analysis are then performed in Krajete’s own state-of-the-art labs in Pressbaum and Pasching, Austria. Here we perform a detailed composition analysis, develop and run conversion experiments and evaluate compatibilities of customer gas with our nature-inspired purification and valorization processes and technologies.

Customers then receive a detailed analysis report and tangible recommendations for gas purification solutions that will provide added value to their business.
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