Removal of “Small” Components

Even trace amounts of unwanted gaseous components in the ppb- or ppm-range can be a big problem when it comes to compliance with international or local regulations on emissions.

On top of that, harm to humans, equipment or to the environment they can cause might be detrimental to your business. They also might interfere in unwanted ways with downstream processing causing additional costs and impact production times.

At Krajete we know how to separate even the tiniest amount of small gas components. If you emit NOx, CO, HC, H2S, etc. our advanced technologies allow both the disposal of the removed compounds or their valorisation to value-added ressources. 

By employing filter and separation technologies inspired by Nature we are partner for customers striving for a fully circular economy. 
Start purifying your gas emissions

Examples of applications at industrial level 

Carbon monoxide and airborne dust are both detrimental to human health. This is precisely where Krajete's know-how comes in as we have developed technologies for purifying exhaust gases in many years of cooperation with major European car manufacturers.

We can also remove nitrogen oxides and other impurities with a specially developed adsorption technology – this advanced adsorption technology is extremely versatile and allows us not only to completely remove NOx from your gaseous emissions on an industrial scale, but, in addition, we have the means to transform it into useful products that can be reinjected in your production line or sold onwards to a third party.

Benefits  of our solutions for businesses :

  • We enable you to comply with emission regulations that might impact your business core activity
  • We uncover for you new streams of revenue by identifying the value of your problematic emissions
  • We facilitate your business with obtaining “green” certificates and labels
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