Krajete’s technologies comprise two core developments: Advanced adsorption and biological methanation.

Our advanced adsorption technology is at the core of our separation service. The versatile approach is based on a broad range of materials such as zeolites, alumina or silicas and their derivatives.
Tailor-made filters are employed directly on site of our customers and can be fully integrated in their processes. 
Different regeneration principles are employed for retrieving any compound from the advanced adsorbers, leaving the adsorber fully intact and ready to re-use. This mild way of releasing the compounds empowers our customers to use them as valuable resources for upcycling. In this way, for example, harmful NOx becomes fruitful fertilizer.

For our biological methanation process we harness the billion years old biochemical know-how of archaea – microbes that existed already in primordial times.
They use carbon dioxide and hydrogen as inputs and produce methane as a by-product. At Krajete we know how to give those little power plants a good time and they reward us (and our customers) with an extraordinary yield of methane.

Be kind to nature – at she is kind to us.
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