On behalf of nature, we transform your emissions into value

We develop nature-inspired solutions to support industries in turning their gas emissions into value. Our core expertise lies in adsorber-based purification of emission gases and gas-converting bioprocesses.
This approach helps gas-emitting industries comply with regulations and create a financial opportunity by reusing or transforming their emissions
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Our goal 

We help Gas-emitting industries turning their emission problems into a financial benefit.
Case studies

We proudly delivered for them

Our Services 

Gas Sampling & Analysis
We offer a unique package of gas sampling and analysis service allowing you to identify and quantify problematic compounds in your emission gases
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Removal of small components
We selectively capture and enrich low-concentration compounds ( NOx, CO, HC, H2S, etc ), to enable further valorisation
Get rid of unwanted emissions
Removal of big components
We capture your CO2 emissions at the source and turn them into valuable products enabling additional revenue streams for your business.
Slash your CO2 emissions

How can we support you ? 

I want to analyse the composition of my gas emissions
I need to comply with standards and regulations on CO2 emissions
I want to reduce operating costs by recycling my emissions
I want to recover resources that are lost through my gas streams
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Key figures of our services

Example KPIs from clients using our technologies
conversion of emitted CO2
2 to 5 years
ROI on tailor-made solutions
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